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Algebra 1

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Solve the following system by using either addition or substitution. If a unique solution does not exist, state whether the system is dependent or inconsistent.


  • Algebra 1 -

    no solution.

    first you have to place the -5x on the same side as the y... and it becomes a positive

    5x+y =3

    then you multiply it by -2

    -2(5x+y =3)

    then it is -10x-2y =-6

    add it to 10x+2y = 7

    you will see that 0 does not = 1, so therefore it has NO SOLUTION

  • Algebra 1 -

    as to whether its dependent or inconsistent... uhm, there should be something in the text that explains that :]

  • Algebra 1 -

    The equations are inconsistent. Both cannot simultaneously be true.

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