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most nominations today are made by

a. self-announcement
b. caucus
c. convention
d. direct primaries


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    It's the party conventions that choose the candidates. Caucuses and primaries influence their choices, though.

    Within the next few weeks, states will hold primary elections and caucuses. Essentially, these opinions of the voters influence the party delegates who actually choose their parties' national nominees at their national conventions held during the summer before the general election.

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    Ms. Sue is correct. Conventions (c) make the nominations, but for the past 50+ years, conventions have been formalities, in which the majority of delegates are chosen and pledged before the convention to the winning candidate, who then chooses the vice presidential nominee. The selection of convention delegates is done by primaries or caucuses in each state.

    Delegates can change their votes at conventions, but usually do so only if no majority decision is reached on the first ballot.

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