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I'm having a serious problem with balancing chemical equations , can someone explain to me how we can do them


if i had a word equation hhow can i convert it into a symbolic equation and balance it


can someone show me how we do this equation:

KOH3+HNO3 ---}( what's the product ? how can we balance it ?)

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    There are two kinds of equations in chemistry that you must learn to balance. One is the oxidation/reduction type. Those equations aren't found at the beginning of a course. The other kind of equation is done by trial and error and SOME redox equations can be done by trial and error. If you will post an equation with which you are having trouble we can go through it with you step by step.

    Word equations are turned into symbol equations simply by changing the words to symbols. Balancing follows, usually, by trial and error. Did you make an error in KOH3. Should it be KOH. The product of a base (KOH) and an acid (HNO3) is a salt (in this case KNO3) and water (H2O).
    KOH + HNO3 ==> KNO3 + H2O.
    This equation is already balanced. You have one K on the left and right.
    4 O on left and right.
    2 H on left and right.
    1 N on left and right.

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