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There are so many gifted athletes on both the boys and the girls side it is unbelievable. On any given Sunday there is a log jam of competitors on multiple tours (AJGA, TJGT, FCWT, etc.) all trying to out shoot each other and go low to take the tournament!

should it be the boys and girls or the boys and the girls and should there be a comma after side? what about a comma after on any given sunday?

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    also, should boys and girls have an apostrophe?

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    Since the noun side is modified, "boys'" and "girls'" and not a comma but a semicolon to avoid a run-on sentence = "side; it is unbelievable."

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    Well, I disagree a bit.

    There does need to be a comma after "side" because the clause following is a result clause: "There are so many ... [that] it is unbelievable."

    Also -- I really think you need to make it "sides" not "side" since I take it you mean that the girls and the boys sit on different sides, right?

    There should be a comma after "Sunday" and a comma after the closing parentheses after "etc."

    Let us know if you have further questions.


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    Also boys' and girls' sides... those need to be possessive since the side belongs to them.

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