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I am studying Sir Francis Bacon in my lit class. What might Bacon think of the way technology has taken hold of his life and works? Would Bacon agree or disagree that the internet is a utopia?

I don't think Sir Francis Bacon would agree the internet is a utopia but I am not sure. i am also having trouble deciding what he would think of today's technology. Anyone have input?

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    Bacon was definitely for free exchange of ideas, and discourse expressing many views.

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    So you think Bacon would consider the internet a utopia? I have utopia defined as a society excellent or ideal but also impractical. I don't know if that really fits the internet?

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    The internet, in my opinion, is definitely not ideal. Ideal indicates perfection and anything that falls apart, loses sites, and is inconsistent in being able to "come up".... isn't my idea of perfection. So, not utopian <G>

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