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i need to figure out how to write the formula for the following question In a right triangle a = 30 yds and t5an A = 2. Find b and c. I have the answers but do not know how to write the formula. Can you help me ?

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    Is that t5an A a typo? I assume it should read tan A = 2.
    I don't know how your triangle is labeled but tan = side opposite the angle divided by side adjacent to the angle. One of those sides will be the 30 yards and you can solve for the other one. Then (one side)2 + (other side)2 = (hypotenuse)2

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    tanA = a/b = 2
    (a is the side opposite A, and b is the side perpendicular to a.)
    If a = 30, then b = a/2 = 15.
    c = sqrt [(30^2 + (15)^2] = 33.54 yd

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