Not understaning what I need to do

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I am writing a paper of the Society of The India people and one of the questions I need to answer is

A clear differentiation between race and ethnicity in India?

I am not sure I understand what I need to write Can any one give a better understanding what I need or example

  • Not understaning what I need to do -

    Most scholars count only one race in India, but over 2,000 different ethnic groups. Check these articles.

  • Not understaning what I need to do -

    This seems to be the best summary

    DuBois (1947)
    In 1947, W.E.B. DuBois, sociologist and historian, said, "[t]he final word of science, so far, is that we have at least two perhaps three, great families of human beings -- the whites and Negroes, possibly the yellow race [he calls this "Mongolian" later][39]. The other races have arisen from the intermingling of the blood of these two." [39] Later, there was a "change in his anthropological view", where he postulated "Negroids and Mongoloids are primary, with Caucasoids listed as a type between these, possibly formed by their union, with bleached skin and intermediate hair."[39] DuBois identifies "first a prehistoric susbtratum of Negrillos; then the pre-Dravidians, a taller, larger type of Negro; then the Dravdians, Negroes with some mixture of Mongoloid and later Caucasian stocks. The Dravdian negroes laid the basis of Indian culture thousands of years before the Christian era.[40] We find upon us today in the world's stage eight distinctly differentiated races, in the sense that History tells us the word must be used... the Hindoos of Central Asia... among the Hindoos are traces of widely differing nations."[39]

    Thus DuBois believed that the Dravidians are a mixture of races including that of the Caucasoid stock.

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