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what contributions did the french make to ameriaca? I need 3 more

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    so far I have the statue of liberty and impressionism

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    The French helped us in the Revolutionary War. Marquis de Lafayette was one of their leaders.

    Many of the early American explorers were French.

    The culture of New Orleans and other parts of our country is largely French.

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    so far i found
    stature of liberty
    american independence

    but i cant find one more. please help

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    What do find wrong with the other two examples I posted??

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    What do you find wrong with the other two examples?

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    i don't understand the cultures of new orleans and how someone from france influenced that....idk i need a specific example

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    New Orleans was founded by the French and is named after a French city, Orleans. Its major tourist attraction is the French Quarter, and much of the architecture in this old section is French.,_Louisiana

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Too bad you didn't do a search because I just answered this same question on the 12th!


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