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i have to do a project and its about drawing a stamp for any of the amendments...

i want to do a stamp on freedom of SPEECH..and i don't know what to do for it...

i need suggestions..please...

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    The classic icon for freedom of speech is a person standing on a soap box giving a speech. You might also show a person talking or texting on a phone.

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    how does gfreedom of speech protect a person and what would america be like without freedom of speech??

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    would that be like amrtin luther king jr did???

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    Martin Luther King, Jr. is an excellent example of freedom of speech. He was an eloquent speaker who unified millions of people for the civil rights cause. Yet many white people, including his assassin, didn't want Dr. King to speak.

    An excellent stamp would be showing Dr. King speaking.

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    ok..thank you very much.

    you were a great help

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    You're very welcome! :-)

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