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Is this how you say france is located in the perfect area- la France est localisée dans le secteur parfait

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    ok, get rid of the la before France. I would just say France est...and then you should say situé (which is situated) that makes more sense so: France est situe dans la place parfait (it is located in the perfect place/area) check that should work out better for you

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Actually it is better with
    "La France" and because it is feminine, be sure to use située/localisé as you did. However for "is situated" "se trouve" is more idiiomatic. For "area" try "la "région."

    Often when you think it through first in English and then try to translate literally, it is NOT very idiomatic French. I'd settle on:
    La France se trouve dans la région parfaite!


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