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A constant net force of 406 N, up, is applied to a stone that weights 33 N. The upward force is applied through a distance of 2.4 m, and the stone is then released. To what height, from the point of release, will the stone rise?

Net force = ma
W = mg
PE = mgh

Would the net force would equal the change in PE? If so, then I would have to find the PE of the stone before and after the release.

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    Force cannot equal energy. They are two different things, with differerent dimensions. One is Newtons, and the other is Joules (which are Mewton-meters). Energy change does equal work done, however. Work is (Force) x (Distance). That equals the kinetic energy change while it is being pushed. It also equals the potential energy change as it rises after release.

    It is not clear whether your "net force" includes the weight component. Anyway, BobPursley has already shown you how to do this problem.

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