Double Major / Major + Minor in University

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What's the difference between double majoring and a major + minor in a program?

Do employers look at it?

Is it "better" to double major than to major and minor in a program?

  • Double Major / Major + Minor in University -

    When you major in a subject, you take more classes in that area than you do when you minor in it.

    The value of a double major vs. a major and a minor depends entirely upon the job for which you're applying and the employer. In some fields, a major and two minors might be more useful.

    The main thing is that you follow your interests and passions and take the classes that have the most relevancy to you. After you've had a couple years of college, you may want to talk with an academic counselor and seek his/her advice.

  • Double Major / Major + Minor in University -

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Since the major will have so many classes, it's easier to get a minor. If you are planning on teaching, I found one major and two minors meant "job security!"

  • Double Major / Major + Minor in University -

    I was the advisor to a young man who was majoring in chemistry. Upon starting his junior year in college, he told me he wsnted to get a second major in business. He was quite personable, met people easily, and sharp to go with it. Great manners. It just happens that his father was also on the staff where I was teaching and he taught speech, debate, etc. I guess it was in this young man's genes. At any rate, he did get the double major and found that chemical companies competed with each other to see who could offer him the best salary. He had the chemistry to answer the technical questions and the business acumen to sell the product. AND he liked what he was doing. What was right for him, however, may not be right for you.

  • Double Major / Major + Minor in University -

    Another opinion - I believe that college is the time for discovering what you really would enjoy doing. I don't think majors/minors should be announced until after the 3rd semester of general "tasting". Then pick would you enjoy most for a major. Then choose a couple of minors... Quite often they will all come together to make a total picture of ability. Employers are looking for people who "get-off " on what they are doing and are creative as well.

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