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A piecewise function is given. Use the function to find the indicated limits, or state that a limit does not exist.

(a) lim is over x-->d – f(x), (b) lim is over x-->d + f(x), and (c) lim is over x-->d f(x)

x^2 - 5 if x < 0
f(x)= -2 if x ->0 ; d = -3

1. (a)-5 (b)-2 (c)does not exist
2. (a)4 (b)4 (c)4
3. (a)-2 (b)-5 (c)does not exist
4. (a)-5 (b)-2 (c)-2

  • Calculus -

    what is wrong with answer 2? Have you worked this? Iwill be happy to critique your thinking.

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