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what is the role of the teacher and the role of the students in the method of situational language teaching??? please help me...a million thanks...

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    The teacher sets up the situation. The students need to participate.

    If you want to post your more detailed response, please do so, and we'll be glad to comment on it.

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    in what specific situation will the teacher sets up for the students? can you give a sample activity for this?

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    Here is a situation: A shopper wants to buy a scarf from a vendor, and haggle the price.

    Or: Ask a cab driver to take them to paris.

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    thanks for that...what about a classroom activity... how will the teacher present the method of situational language teaching?

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    "Situational language teaching" is not a common term. I researched several pages of Google sites and found very little information.

    However, I believe an example might be for the teacher to set up a situation -- such as asking directions to the train station, museum, cathedral, etc. The students then must then ask for directions and comprehend the answers.

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    thanks for all the help...i also search in Google and i didn't also found a good explanation either...

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