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In the following sentences, what are the common and nouns?
First sentence:
Often on October outings, Otto offers oranges to officers.
In this sentence I am confused by October. It seems like it should be a proper noun, but in a way it seems like it is functioning as an adjective to say what kind of outing it is.
Second sentence:
Lucy lost lots of laughs lingering in the lunchroom line.
The confusing part to me is the lunchroom line. Again, it seems like lunchroom and line would both be common nouns, and yet the word lunchroom seems to function as an adjective for line.

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    You're absolutely right about the first sentence. Although October is usually a noun, it's used as a proper adjective in this sentence.

    The same is true in the second sentence. Lunchroom is used as an adjective, modifying line.

    Good thinking!! :-)

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    Thanks Sue...
    so for clarification, on a sheet where common and proper nouns are supposed to be circled and marked, I would not circle October or lunchroom?

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    i think you would not circle lunchroom

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    You're welcome.

    No. Since they are used as adjectives, do not circle them as nouns.

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