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1. Curiosity and concentration are important components in memorizing items. If you have a strong desire to learn and memorize, you can memorize it better.

2. Bisarre association is important. If you want to memorize two items together using association, you have to make a bizarre association. Bizarre means very strange or unusual. Then you can memorize the items well.

3. Five senses play an important role in mnemonics. When you make an asociation between item A and item B, use five senses such as, feeling, seeing, smellins, tasting, and hearing. Then you can recite what you have memorize more easily.

I have written some important components in mnemonics. Would you check the errors in the sentences above? Thank you.

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    Most of what you've written is excellent -- but I suggest a few minor corrections --

    1. Since the antecedent of "it" isn't clear, you could either leave it out or substitute "material" for "it."

    2. Bizarre is the correct spelling.

    3. The five senses . . .
    use your five senses . . .

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