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I am doing a National History Day project this year on the topic of "From Conflict to Compromise" and my thesis statement has to be turned in tomorrow. Could someone check it and make sure it is arguable and true?

The inequality of women caused them to become activists in other reform movements which gave them the skills necessary to begin a movement of their own.

I know what I'm trying to say but sometimes I can't get it written clearly. I'm talking about the Seneca Falls convention that happened during the Reform Era in the US.

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    Maybe something like this is what you want to say...

    The desire women had for equality pushed them to become activists in other reform movements before taking the ultimate step of challenging the inequality among genders.

    Instead of genders, you may want to use sexes or men and women. You may even want to say challenge the double standard rather than what I've written above.

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    I would suggest that you add after" in other reform movements- Seneca Falls Convention as an example - which gave them the skills....etc.

    That will clarify where you are going. Good thinking!

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