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Could someone please read over these and tell me if I have them anywhere near correct. Thank you

1. Compare Equaino's treatment that he receives during his enslavement with his treatment on the slave ship.

Although some aspects of Equiano's treatmen during his enslavement and on the slave ship was different in some ways it was also similiar. First, he was serarated from his loved ones and friends. He was taken taken from his family then again from his sister when he was reunited with her. He was not told where he was going. Next, he did not know that he was going to Barbados or to the United States to become a slave. Clearly, his treatment in both places was similar.

Both the Sioux chant "The Earth Only" and dela Cruz's "World, in hounding me..." have something to say about the material would as opposed to the spiritual world. Explain how these two works differ on this issue. What might they have in common?

Even though the Sioux chant "The Earth Only and dela Druz's "World, in hounding me..." speak about the material world as opposed to the spiritual world, they difer in the subject. To begin, "The Earth Only" says that only the WEarth endures. This means than only spiritual things should be important. Material things will not last. In addition, "World, in hounding me..." de la Cruz says the neither treasures nor riches last. We need to look to spiritual thins to find things that will last. Truly, both poims show that the spiritual things are to be chosen over the material things.

Answer the following questions about Jonathan Edwards speech, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." Accorkind to edwards, is it enough to lead a good and decent lif? Is it enough to believe in God? What role does having a good physical constitution play in salvation? What is the one thing that one must do to avoid eternal damnatiop?

According to Jonathan Edwardsspeech it is not enough to lead a good and decent life because that does not ensure salfation of the soul. NExt, he asks is it enough to believe in God? He says that will not take you the Heaven. In addition, he asks what role does having a good physical constitution to which he replys that it has nothing to do with man's soul. Finally, he asks what is the one thing that onew must do to avoid eternal damnation. He says that this only happens through salvation. All in all, his speech statesonly salvation will get you to Heaven.

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