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What kind of streams form v-shaped valleys? Streams that are first forming,streams that move slowly, streams that have meanders?

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    You will find the answer here:

    Erosion forces are usually stronger in the steeper regions hear the source of a river.

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    what are the chemical reactions involved in Glycolysis?
    What are the chemical reactions involved in Photosynthesis?
    What is the binomial name for MRSA? Is it a virus or a bacteriuM? If it is a virus what group does it belong to? If it is a bacterium what shape is it?
    Who came up with the five-kingdom taxonomic system? What about the three domain taxonomic system?
    What is the difference between accuracy and precision?
    Name & describe the phases of mitosis.
    Is it possible for non-human organisms to have HIV/AIDS? Why or why not? Of if they don't have HIV, what do they have?

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    Hi Keven. Did you find all the questions?

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    Who cam up with the five-kingdom taxonomic system?

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