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There is one bus with seven girls on it. Each girl has seven backpacks with seven lions in each backpack. Each big lion has seven little lions. How many legs are there all together?

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    Math - Reiny, Thursday, December 6, 2007 at 11:11am

    Should be pretty easy, just think through it logically
    there are 7 girls,.... so 14 legs
    each girl has 7 backpacks with 7 big lions
    so there are 7*7*7 or 343 big lions...each with 4 legs.... 1372 legs
    each of the 343 big lions has 7 little lions
    so 2401 little lions has four legs... so 9604 legs

    so the answer to this rather silly question is
    14 + 1372 + 9604 legs
    = 10990 legs

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