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Can you please give me a brief explanation of Rutherfords experiment?

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    You can find many clear and concise explanations online, using a search engine.

    Here is one that I like, with some action graphics:

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    I like that animation.

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    Rutherford used an alpha ray (actually particle) beam to bombard very thin metal foils. Some of the alpha particles (He ions--2+ charged) were deflected a little, some more than that, and some were actually reflected at different angles. but most simply passed through the foil as if it were transparent.. The theory at the time was that of J.J. Thomson and his plum pudding model. That model had the atom consisting of a "ball" (like pudding) with electrons stuck into the pudding like plums. Rutherford was surprised that most of the particles went through undeflected--to do that meant that the atom was mostly space. The few times the alpha particles were deflected meant that most of the mass of the atom had to be concentrated in a core, which was named the nucleus AND that it had to be positively charged.

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    the experience of rutherford

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