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Physics help please

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In a physics lab experiment, a student immersed 205 one-cent coins (each having a mass of 3.00 g *.003kg) in boiling water. After they reached thermal equilibrium, she quickly fished them out and dropped them into 0.244 kg of water at 20.0 C in an insulated container of negligible mass.

What was the final temperature of the coins? [One-cent coins are made of a metal alloy - mostly zinc - with a specific heat capacity of 390 J/(kg*K).]

I know that:
Mass,coins=.615 kg
Mass,water=.244 kg
c=390 J/(kg*K)
Ti,water=20 C

I'm just not quite sure what equation to put them in...

  • Physics help please -

    Heat lost by the coins + heat gained by the water = 0
    mass x specific heat x (Tf - Ti) + mass x specific heat x (Tf - Ti) = 0

    Tf is final T. Ti is initial T.
    Post your work if you get stuck.

  • Physics help please -

    how to write up a lab on specific heat capacity

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