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Suppose that Quebec had managed to succeed from Canada and became an independent country. Just to be difficult, they decreed that they will only measure pressure in mm Hg and volume in cm3. What value for R, the ideal gas constant, would students in Quebec use when solving the ideal gas solution?

a) 7.6 x 105
b) 6.23 x 104
c) 8.14
d) 2.78
e) 0.082

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    The questions begs for some additional answers. For example, Quebec may MEASURE volume in cc BUT they could also USE liters for V in the equation. Same kind of question for presure. I will assume V is to be used in cc and P in mm Hg.
    PV = nRT
    P = 760 mm Hg
    V = 22,400 cc (for 1 mol gas)
    n = 1 mol
    R = ??
    T = 273.15
    Solve for R
    Check my thinking.

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    A 1.00 L flask containing 450 torr of H2 is connected to and mixed with a second flask with a volume of 0.500 L containing 250 torr N2. What is the final pressure of the resulting mixed gas system?

    a) 250 torr
    b)383 torr
    c) 450 torr
    d) 575 torr
    e) it cannot be determined

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    Answered above.

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