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I have a myth project assigned. I got lucky (or so I thought) and had the myth of Polyphemus. Wikipedia has it if anyone doesnt know it.

There are three things that I need for my project:
1) The moral of the story.
2) How the story explains natural phenomenon.
3) How the myth shows social order.

I was thinking that the myth shows social order by showing that Polyphemus is a sheep herder, and is not very sophisticated. Also, Odyssious felt that it was okay to show up in someones house and eat their food while they were gone. (that last thing might be relationships?)
But, I need the other two things... I didn't know that this could be so hard...

Please help! Thanks

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    Well, one moral I can think of is "Don't let yourself get drunk!" Polyphemus was pretty much in control until he became drunk with the very strong wine Odysseus was giving him.

    Natural phemomenon? Could it be a way to explain how huge boulders end up falling into the sea, almost destroying Odysseus's ship? This type of natural occurrence is most likely the result of earthquake activity (and there's lots of it in that part of the world), but a story like this might have been more understandable to the everyday Greek person at that time.

    Social order -- hmmm. Yes, Polyphemus was a sheepherder, and he controlled his sheep. But Odysseus was his men's lord, and he controlled their lives in pretty much the same way. Who was the stronger, in the long run? Would you say that Odysseus and his men were higher in the social order than Polyphemus (and the other Cyclopes)?


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