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Early Child Ed.

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I have a couple of questions that I
need help on:

1. Because playground structures are
static,children's imaginative play
on them is:

A) unlimited
B) limited
C) enhanced
D) dynamic

2. Which one of the following statements
does NOT describe one of the benefits
offered by a traditional playground?

A) The playground is a great place to
practice manipulative skills,such
as ball bouncing,rolling, and

B) Gymnastics skills,such as climbing,
hanging,swinging,and balancing,can
be experienced best on outdoor

C) Challenging children to use
imagery to pretend they are
ivy growing on a jungle gym,
for example,is an effective
way to make use of standard
playground equipment.

D) Traditional playgrounds enable
children to challenge themselves
and practice specific movements
by changing the equpment to suit
their needs.

Here are my answers:

1. (B) limited

2. (D) Traditional playgrounds enable
children to challenge themselves
and practice specific movements
by changing the equipment to suit
their needs.

Have I chosen the best answer for
question 1 and 2?

  • Early Child Ed. -

    I agree with your answer for # 1.

    However, I'm afraid the NOT in the second question has goofed you up. The question asks which of the statements is wrong.

    Please think # 2 through again.

  • Early Child Ed. -

    on question 2, I am very confused.

  • Early Child Ed. -

    Please help!

  • Early Child Ed. -

    I have rechecked my text,and I am
    still thinking (D) is the best answer.

    If I am wrong--then I am confused--
    please help!

  • Early Child Ed. -

    The only way that D) can be the best answer is if your text states that playground equipment cannot be modified or changed.

  • Early Child Ed. -

    Here's the question:

    "2. Which one of the following statements
    does NOT describe one of the benefits
    offered by a traditional playground?"

    A) describes a benefit because children practice manipulative skills on a playground. This cannot be the answer.

    B) states that children can best practice gymnastics skills on outdoor equipment. How can this be true? Gymnasts always practice and hold meets on indoor equipment. Mats are used below gymnastics equipment to cushion falls. This isn't practical outdoors. Gymastics skills can only be safely practiced in a more controlled environment with supervision and mats.

    C) challenges children to use imagery on a traditional playground. In my opinion, this is a little far-fetched, but it's an effective way of introducing creative play on a traditional playground.

    D) states that children can practice specific movements on outdoor equipment that has been changed to meet their needs. This statement also is true. Swings, parallel bars, etc., can be changed or modified (lowered or raised, for instance) to meet the size and skill level of individual children.

    B is the only choice that does NOT describe a benefit of an outdoor playground.

  • Early Child Ed. -

    This is what my text states:

    The playground is the obvious and natural choice for many facets of the movement program. Unless you are fortunate enough to have the necessary
    equipment indoors,such gymnastic skills
    as climbing, hanging and swinging,and balacing can be experienced on outdoor equipment.

  • Early Child Ed. -

    Thanks for telling us what your text says.

    Yes, it's obvious that your question author believes that D is the best answer.

    I still disagree, though, because the question states that outdoor equipment is the best for gymnastics skills.

  • Early Child Ed. -

    my text also states; children cannot change the equipment to challenge themselves and practice specific movements.

  • Early Child Ed. -

    Thanks. That's another good indication that the answer the question seeks is D.

  • Early Child Ed. -

    so,i am confused with this question-i still donot know if B or D would be the best answer. Can you please help me to understand? Thank you!

  • Early Child Ed. -

    According to your text, outdoor play equipment cannot be changed, so D is the best answer for this question.

    As we've discussed before, some of your questions aren't very well written.

  • Early Child Ed. - a final word -

    Please remember, though, when you're supervising children on a playground, that gymnastics can be dangerous. If a child falls on her head, she could break her neck or back or suffer severe brain injuries. Many gymnasts -- even young ones -- suffer broken bones.

  • Early Child Ed. -

    Ms. Sue, I am still rereading my text-
    and it does not state that gymnastic
    skills such as clibing,hanging,swinging and balancing, can best be experienced on playground equipment. It says it can be experienced on playground equipment,
    if you're not fortunate enough to have indoor equipment. So,again,I am confused with this question. Please help
    me to understand,if you donot mind.

  • Early Child Ed. -

    i am taking my text to mean its best only if you donot have indoor eqipment to play gymnastic skills. i'm confused.

  • Early Child Ed. -

    I'm sure that you're right about the correct expected answer. According to your text, D is the best answer.

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