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what is 13.12066116 rounded to the nearest hundredth

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    That would be 13.1 because the tenth position is the space closest to the decimal. 2 is not greater than 5 so you would round down.

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    No, I'm sorry that is wrong. The answer would be 13.2. Because 0 is less than 2 so you would still round down. 13.2 is the correct answer. I'm sorry!

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    what is the answer for the question name five numbers for the number 23

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    Nuts, Autumn. Rounded to the nearest hundredth? There are 12 hundredths there, followed by a zero.

    13.12 is to the nearest hundredth

    12.121 is to the nearest thousandth
    13.1207 is to the nearest then thousandth.

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    We are rounding to the nearest hundredth (two decimal places). Autumn, you've rounded to the nearest tenth. (It should be 13.1 to the nearest tenth.)

    An example of a number rounded to the nearest hundredth is 142.09.

    If we have the number 142.59193, then we ignore all numbers beyond the third decimal place. (It's always one more than what you're trying to find.) We are working with only 142.591 now. The third decimal place will determine if you round up or down. We have a 1 in the third decimal place. It's less than 5, so we round down to get 142.59.

    Here are some more examples:

    1.011111 = 1.01
    4.1938 = 4.19
    9.656013 = 9.66
    9134.3048012378 = 9134.30
    7.994 = 7.99
    7.995 = 8.00

    What do you get for your problem?

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    oh ok i understand is 13.12. Thank-you!

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