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posted by Keith

This may seem like an easy question, but I am torn between two answers and would like some help. I am inclined to go with D. as my answer, but also feel like A. might also be correct.

The greatsest number of elected officials responsible for the machinery of government come from which type of local government?

A. Municipal

B. Township

C. School District

D. County

  1. economyst

    Its not an easy question. And the answer is not obvious. The correct answer, according the Census bureau, is C.
    google your key words, find a link that points to allcounties dot org
    (sorry, I am not allowed to post links to websites)

  2. economyst

    Hummmm, as I re-read your question, I have my doubts about the answer. According to Census data, school districts have the greatest number local-government employees. However, Im not sure which has the greatest number of ELECTED officials. I'll bet a census-of-governments table has the answer you seek.

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