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I am filling out a college application to a university in ohio that has a few thousand students enrolled. On the application there is a page for optional information like family, ethnicity, gender, etc. There is also an optional essay where you choose a topic to help the admissions office better understand you. My question is does writing this optional essay better my chances of being accepted into the college? If I( don't write it will it make my application look less empressive?

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    You need to take advantage of this. Here's your chance to let them see YOU as a person, not just as numbers and words on a transcript or application form.

    Here's an excellent webpage from the College Board website:

    Even though you've not been given a particular topic to write on, be sure to read this webpage carefully to determine what (and what not) to write about.

    Here are some ideas about topics in case you need input:

    1. An event in your life when you turned a major corner or made a major decision.

    2. An event in your life which illustrates you as a person -- your sense of humor, your passion(s) outside of school, perhaps even what you think you'll be majoring in and why.

    3. A deep-seated belief you hold in life, and a situation in which that belief was put to the test.

    This webpage has further ideas:


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