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Am I missing any important punctuation in this sentence:

Scientists and doctors alike have only come up with one sound conclusion to date: based on what they’ve seen yet, the Ram is a creature which will no doubt affect the environment it lives in greatly, and it will not be easily extinct.

I feel like there is a semicolon or a comma missing.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

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    I see no punctuation errors, but the B on "based" needs to be capitalized since it's the first word in a sentence following a colon.

    Also the word "only" needs to be moved closer to what it modifies; it should be between "with" and "one." And the adverb "greatly" is awkwardly placed; it would be somewhat smoother if it were between "no doubt" and "affect."

    I'd also delete the word "yet" since the phrase "to date" is in the previous clause.


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