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ok i have been working on my english homework for some time now. i was assigned a 400 question vocabulary packet. here are just 15 questions i coudnt find out while doing the entire packet. I couldn't even find any answers using the dictionary website. even if someone only answers 5 questions would be helpful.

1. The general had to respect the ___________ spirit of his old enemies; they would not give up.
A. stringent
B. spurious
C. iniquitous
D. indomitable

2. The coach's ___________ voice could be heard over all the other noise in the gymnasium.
A. ingratiating
B. mellifluous
C. sanguine
D. strident

3. The lab technicians went through the titration process with __________ care.
A. ribald
B. vestigial
C. sedulous
D. sanguine

4. She got really tired of looking after the ____________ affairs of the farm.
A. irascible
B. mundane
C. felicitous
D. motley

5. When Tarzan returned to civilization, people worried about his sometimes ___________ behavior.
A. feral
B. pedantic
C. culpable
D. fervent

6. The diplomat's ______________ demands caused him to be less than welcome at most restaurants.
A. frugal
B. pragmatic
C. arcane
D. peremptory

7. The artist's ____________ landscapes included gentle hills and streams, shepherds and flocks of sheep.
A. odious
B. pastoral
C. pejorative
D. ravenous

8. The jackass is known for its stubborn, ___________ refusals to respond to commands.
A. turgid
B. salubrious
C. latent
D. recalcitrant

9. Even the most uptight scholar delights in the _________ , coarse jokes in Chaucer's "The Miller's Tale."
A. egregious
B. gullible
C. ribald
D. serendipitous

10. The French monarchy was renowned for its __________ disregard for the common people.
A. egregious
B. litigious
C. bodacious
D. solicitous

11. Charles's tastes in music were __________ . He had recordings of classical, jazz, rock-and-roll, and heavy metal performers.
A. histrionic
B. ubiquitous
C. eclectic
D. officious

12. The professor's lecture was simply ________, and the students actually began to laugh.
A. affluent
B. ascetic
C. sedulous
D. inane

13. He left his family, and I knew that he would someday ________ the day.
A. ossify
B. augment
C. rue
D. obliterate

14. The nerves in our fingertips are wonderfully sensitive to __________ sensations.
A. idyllic
B. tactile
C. tacit
D. insipid

15. Rinaldo was an _________ smoker and could not break the habit even when he was diagnosed with emphysema.
A. dubious
B. brusque
C. inveterate
D. indolent

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    1. indomitable
    2. strident
    4. mundane
    7. pastoral
    8. recalcitrant

    There are 5.... and here is a site with a great dictionary.

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