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Two children are playing on the seesaw. THe lighter child is 9 feet from the fulcrum, and the heavier child is 6 feet from the fulcrum. As the lighter child goes from the ground to the highest point, she travels through an angle of 35 degrees in 1/2 second.

a. find the angular velocity of each child.

b. What is the linear velocity of each child?


    Since you are so adamant on an answer, I will attempt this. I'm not 100% sure, though.

    a. angular velocity = angle traversed / time
    a = 35 / .5 = 70 degrees per second

    b. Multiply angular velocity by radius.
    70 * ((9+6)/2)
    70 * 7.5
    525 ft/sec

    Be warned... I'm not sure about those answers.


    Actually, I believe they want a different answer for each child. I didn't account for that, so I have no idea.

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