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Write about your academic interests and the personal or academic experiences that have led to or nurtured those interests. What did you enjoy learning about in high school either through your classes, extra curricular, leisure activities or your involvements in the community? If you have any career aspirations at this point, explain how your interests match these aspirations.

Answer: My academic interests are to major in Government or Marketing. In my junior year of high school i was enrolled in a class called Marketing and Sports Entertainment and I learned a lot of information on how to market the sports and entertainment world. Currently I am taking a class that is called American Politics and I am learning about the United States Political systems and I am finding that the political world is making more sense to me as i am doing extensive research and projects. In high school i enjoyed learning about everything. To me, while i am in high school i should take advantage of the classes that are offered because i college i might not get the chance to experience them. From being extremely active in my school, i have learned that i like being around people with the same interests as me, as well as teaching my peers something new.

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    I don't like to comment on college essays. They are the ultimate final exam and show your personality, accomplishments, and writing skills. If I were to make any commments, in my opinion it would be cheating the college out of seeing your real work.

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    you are very rude

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