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what are some advantages and disadvanteges of having a lot of money??

i need atleast 6 advantages and disadvantages

please help...

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. What have you don't on this question? It isn't that difficult and if you find it is, "brainstorm" with your friends and/or family. I'll get you started with one of each.

    Advantage: not having to worry about paying bills

    Disadvantage: many people will have their hands out for you to "share" what you have!

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    i need more then that because i have included reasons that are sort of the same as the two you have given me...

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    what would be a good topic sentence for the advantages and another topic sentence for the diadvantages of having money??

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    When you have written at least a rough draft of the sentences, please repost and someone here will be glad to help you.

    Please remember that we aren't here to do your work for you, but to help you once you've clearly made a good-faith attempt yourself.

    Please repost when you're ready.


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