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Stelco has been recently legislated to reduce total SO2 emissions from iron smelting operations. Select the most effective chemical reagent to desulfurize Stelco’s gas emissions as a strategy to minimize the environmental impact of acid rain in eastern Canada and why?

CCl4, H2CO3, HCl, ClOH, or Ca(OH)2

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    Read the first paragraph to get acquainted. The answer is in paragraph 2.

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    Do I have to make equations and see which one forms a precipitate again?

    I don't think its H2CO3 or HCl because that would not minimize the effect of acid rain. So its either the 2 bases or CCl4.

    CCl4 + SO2 ==> CO2 + SCl4

    ClOH + SO2 ==> CO2 + SOH

    Ca(OH)2 + SO2 ==> CaO + S(OH)2

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    CCl4 is an organic solvent, not likely to react with SO2 under most circumstances. ClOH is just another way of writing HClO which is a weak acid. Didn't paragraph two of the article I linked you to say something about alkali or lime solutions being the primary ingredient of the scrubbers. Isn't Ca(OH)2 lime? And I don't see anything in your question about writing equations. If your prof wants one write one. However, what you have for Ca(OH)2 + SO2 is almost facetious. BUT, I owe you an apology for when I went back to my earlier response, there was no link there. Either I didn't leave one or it failed to post; in any event, there was no paragraph two there so I didn't give you much information at all. Here is the link. CaSO3 and CaSO4 are the products when SO2 reacts with Ca(OH)2.
    (Broken Link Removed)

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    If the options given were:
    would it be HCl or CaO?

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