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Hey DrBob, I posted an answer to you question on my lab report just to let you know what the y= and r^2 is

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    thanks. I'll take a look.

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    Let me know if that is all you need. If you need something additional, please itemize what you need done. Also, I will need to know if you digested the sample or if the samples were placed in solution for you and you were given the prepared sample to which you added the 1-10 phenanthroline.

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    I had to take cereal crush it up and place it in a crucible and cook it tell it was black ash. Then I took that burnt ceral and placed it into a beaker with HCL and water and boiled it tell the cereal was like a liquid cause coming out of the crucible it was in a circle compound shape so we had to break it up and then put it through a filter so then when we were done the flask just had the HCL and the liquid from the cooked cereal

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    Robert Allsbrooks is lonely

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