Michael can you help with this one

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This sentence I think is slippery slope.

There is no value at all in Heidegger's philosophy, especially his ethics,since he collaborated with the Nazis in running German universities in the 1930s and fired all the Jews.

  • Michael can you help with this one -

    The sentence is just too long. How about this revision?

    Heidegger's poor ethics prove that his philosophy is unfounded. He collaborated with the Nazis in running German universities in the 1930s, firing all the Jewish professors in the process.

  • Michael can you help with this one -

    I can't change the sentence I have to say it is either a phony refutation, direct way of refuting, reducing to the asburd, slippery slope, ridicle.

  • Michael can you help with this one -

    Check this site. I would change your sentence to say that Heidegger's support of Nazi politics has put his philosophy into question.

  • Michael can you help with this one -

    Oh, sorry. I didn't understand the question.

    Slippery slope states that "Event X has occurred (or will or might occur),
    therefore event Y will inevitably happen."

    It doesn't sound like that.

    "Phony refutation: It’s not real refutation of an argument to point out that the person who made the argument has done or said something that shows he or she does not believe one of the premises or the conclusion of the argument."

    Maybe it's phony refutation.

  • Michael can you help with this one -

    Diane, this site will be of help with fallacies.


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