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College Algebra

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I'm still having trouble with this problem. Can someone please explain the steps to me.


Is this the next step?

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    -2x + 4 > 12
    First, divide by 2 on all terms. (Or you can subtract the 4. It doesn't matter.)

    -x + 2 > 6
    Subtract the 2.

    -x > 4
    Divide by -1 on both sides. Don't forget to switch the inequality sign when dividing by a negative number.

    x < 4

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    Thanks, I'm not good at this!

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    No problem. :)

    A helpful hint is that you can solve inequalities as you would any other equation. Just pretend the inequality is an equal sign. (But if you're dividing by a negative, don't forget to flip the sign.)

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