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a 2.747g sample of manganese metal is reacted with excess HCl gas to produce 3.24L of H2 at 366K and .927atm and a manganese chloride compound(MnCl0. What is the formula of the manganese chloride compound produced in the reaction?

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    I hope you made a typo and the (MnCl0 you wrote you intended to be (MnCl). Otherwise, where is the oxygen coming from?

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    i did have a typo sorry it is MnCl

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    Convert g Mn in the reaction to mols.

    Use PV = nRT to calculate mols H2.

    Use those two numbers to determine the formula. You should obtain MnCl2.

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    Scratch that answer of MnCl2. It may not be that at all.

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