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If a graph is given for a cuvette using a 1.00 cm , predict the graph if a 2.0 cm diameter test tube and a 0.50cm test tube are used.

The points for the 1.00cm test tube are
(0,0),((2E-5),0.1), ((4E-5),0.2),
((6E-5),0.4), ((8E-5),0.5)...linear graph
X=Concentration (molars)

I am not sure where to start, but for the 2.0 would the absorbance be doubled, and for the 0.50 would the absorbance be half of what it is? Thanks.

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    Yes, just go through the graph and double or half the values. This will be so if the curve you have is a straight line. If the sample does not obey Beer's Law and it is curved (non-linear), that will not be true for the non-linear portion of the graph.

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