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It is reasonable to assume that the bulk modulus of blood is about the same as that of water (2.20 m). As one goes deeper and deeper in the ocean, the pressure increases by 1.0*10^4 Pa for every meter below the surface.

If a diver goes down 33.0 m (a bit over 100 ft) in the ocean, by how much does each cubic centimeter of her blood change in volume?

(delta)V=(delta)P/BulkMod. * V ???

How deep must a diver go so that each drop of blood compresses to half its volume at the surface?

Is the ocean deep enough to have this effect on the diver?

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    The bulk modulus of water is 2.2*10^9 Pa. You omitted some terms. Use the formula which you wrote But with a minus sign) to solve for
    (delta V/V). At 33 m depth, the delta P is 33*10^4 Pa

    You will find that deltaV/V is a small fraction at this depth.

    Then find that delta P needed to make
    delta V/V = 1/2, and calculate the corresponing depth.

    The deepest spot in the ocean has a depth of about 10,000 m.

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