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The medical benefits of marijuana versus the danger of its use in society has neen a dispute for decades. I have to write a 350 word essay about the debate and compare and contrast the negative effects of marijuana and the positive effects. Any help?

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    This is for psychology? Hmmmm. Somebody has been smoking mariuana in the course content.

    350 words is hardly enough to get to any point, so I would just highlight the salient points for and against. You can find them on the web in numerous sites.

    Oh yes, now I remember. Timothy Leary was a Harvard psychologist. Maybe they are studing things I didn't in psychology. He was arrested and imprisioned for possessing one marijuana cigarette, as I recall, as was his daughter.

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    We are studying the effects of drugs on the brain in my psych. class. My teacher doesn't come up with this stuff the k12 company does. One of the questions I have to answer in my essay is if the sites I got my information from is reliable. How can I determine if the site is reliable? What research has been done to show the benefits of medical marijuana? I googled "medical marijuana" but all that came up were the laws about marijuana and that won't help me. Any help?

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    This is one of the best websites I've found to help people learn to identify if a website is reliable or not, especially for academic research. Check out the Criteria section.
    Here's another really good one. Scroll down to the section called HOW TO SEARCH THE INTERNET and click on the link about evaluating websites.

    All of these links are on university library websites, and their ideas are excellent.


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