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posted by Alex

I'm stuck on this thing in science. It's a lab report so its kinda hard to explain. We did a topographic map experiment. We had a big rock, and put it in a plastic bin. We then marked centimeters on the bin and filled water to the first centimeter. We drew the water line on an overhead transperacy sheet and did this for all the centimeters. We have a very tight topographic map, because the rock was very steep. What I'm stuck on is the hypothesis for the lab. It has to be in an If...then...because statement. Like If I slap my face then it will hurt because of the force of the slap. See what I mean? I can't get it. Please help!

  1. Ms. Sue

    If the slope is steep, the contour lines will be very close together.

  2. Alex

    I know, I just cant get an if then because statement for my hypothesis.

  3. Ms. Sue

    How about this statement?

    If the slope is steep, then the contour lines will be close together.

  4. Alex

    what about because? If the slope is steep, then the contour lines will be close together because....

  5. Ms. Sue

    If the slope is steep, then the contour lines will be close together because.... our contour lines show each centimeter of height.

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