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Hi can you help me put in the accent marks on this - I do not know how to do this on my computer - I think this is good. I have to give a presentation on it tommorrow.

Melodía lleva un gorro de lana gris y marrón con bolas de algodón. Ella también lleva unas botas altas de cuero marrónes con lana suave adentro. Las botas son UGGS. Ella modela un par de vaqueros flacos que son un color gris medio. Ella lleva una camisa blanca de algodón de manga larga con las palabras "me amo" Por último, lleva una chaqueta verde inflado con botones grandes.

Melody is wearing a grey and brown wool hat. She is also wearing tall brown leather boots with soft wool inside. They are called UGGS. She is modeling a pair of skinny jeans which are a medium grey color denim. She is wearing a long sleeve white cotton shirt with the words " I love you". Finally, she is wearing an oversized green jacket with big buttons.

  1. SraJMcGin

    ¡Hola! Didn't I send you the "chart" for how to make accent marks on the computer? I have one for PC, one for MAC, one with Windows and one without. OR, is your question that you aren't sure which words require accents? Here they are:

    line 2, marrones has no accent mark in the plural.

    line 5, are you sure you mean "me amo" = I love myself? I thought it was "te amo" = I love you?

    line 6, inflado does not modify verde. It modifies "una chaqueta" so it must be feminine = inflada

    I see you have a lot of the accent marks where they belong! ¡Buen trabajo! = good job


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