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We, my roomates and I, keep getting replies saying stop posting under more than one name. We are not posting under more than one name we are all different. We all live together and only have this common computer at the moment, but we are more than one person and we love this site so we get our questions together and ask for help. Some of us more than others but just to let you know we are more than one person.

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    I haven't written the notes to you but thank you for letting us know.

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    Thanks for clarifying this. I'm glad we can help all of you. :-)

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    i need alot of help!

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    What other names (first names only, please!) are used for posting? It might help if we knew this in advance.


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    Mike, Bobby, Olivia, Lila, Alex, Veronica, Amanda.... Sorry for the confusion.

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    Thanks for the information. This is very helpful.


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