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I desperately need help on the iron hypothesis and related facts:

Where are HNLC waters found and why? (a map would be nice)

What is the fate of the organic carbon fixed by photosynthesis in the deep ocean?

How does iron enter the ocean eco-system?

What is role of silicic acid in the iron hypothesis?

According to the proponents of the iron hypothesis, are there any expected benefits of fertilizing the ocean with iron other than the removal of carbon dioxide?

Where are the least productive areas in the ocean (ocean deserts) found? What makes them unproductive?

Where are the most productive areas in the ocean found? What makes them productive?

The one about silicic acid is especially hard to understand for me since I couldn't find an explanation that isn't PhD paper or 125 page long research document. I really hope you guys can help me out. Thanks in advance!

  • Science - Biology - Ecology -

    are u in dr.hawes class

  • Science - Biology - Ecology -


  • Science - Biology - Ecology -

    who this this?

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