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What was the major social issue back in the 1960s? Was it the rebellion against government - the hippie movement? Am I right or not? And if I'm not, then what was the major social issue in the 1960s?

Please don't direct me to any websites, I'd like a straightforward answer.


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    You've answered your own question -- or else you didn't phrase the question as you had intended.


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    So, you're saying the hippie movement was the biggest social issue in the 1960s? Yes? No?

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    No. The Civil Rights movement was the primary social issue of the 60's. The Hippies were only a part of that movement.

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    what was bartolome de las casas contribution to society?? and what were his intenions?

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    By the end of the decade, ending the Viet Nam war also became a major issue dividing America. So-called hippies were a part of that movement. Major civil rights legislation had been enacted by the end of the decade, with wide support.

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