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please check my answer thanks

The part of speech that answers a question is an adjeective

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    This is not clear.... An adjective describes a noun. Example - the TALL boy, the BROWN dog, the BEAUTIFUL flower.

    If the question is "which boy?", the adjective would be correct. Can you make your questions clearer so that I can give you a better answer?

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    The part of speech that answers a question is what?

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    That would depend on what the question is. If the question is "how", "when", "where", then the answer would be an adverb.

    If the question is "which", then the answer would be an adjective.

    If the question is "what" then the answer would probably be a noun.

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    Nouns and pronouns used as direct objects answer "what?" after a verb.

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    Thanks that helps :)

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