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k like i have to write something for english like a persasuive essay. so here the ? the goverment had decided to make alll junk food illegal. you have to write a letter the gov teling em that u agree wid em or disagree. u have to have 3 main points as to why u agree or disgree.



    First of all you need a letter format. You could begin with "To Whom It May Concern." Now plan the reasons why you think junk food SHOULD be illegal or why it should NOT. If you write a 5 paragraph letter, here's the format:
    paragraph 1: Why are you writing this letter?
    paragraph 2: The first point/reason for your stance.
    paragraph 3: The 2nd reason/point.
    paragraph 4: The 3rd reason/point.
    paragrah 5: Conclusion.

    Your instructions were very clear. Remember this is YOUR assignment. In addition:

    Thank you for using the Homework Board. Let me quote from one of my colleagues who said it so well:

    Please take the time to read the directions when you enter this board. They say, "Ask your homework questions here". Notice that it does not say that we are a translating service (because we are not). Our goal is to HELP you learn the language that you're studying. We can't accomplish that if we simply DO your work for you. We're not refusing to do your work because we're mean or lazy, but because we know how to best help you. We're all experienced teachers and know that if YOU make the effort first, we can better help you by correcting what you've done or by suggesting other solutions to your homework difficulty.
    Therefore, please take the time to try to do this work yourself. We really do look forward to reading what you post after you've made an effort. Good luck!

    LDRS AAC PrfLang

    We are here to HELP you after you DO the work first!

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