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Mathematics - Trigonometric Identities

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(tanx)(sinx) / (tanx) + (sinx) = (tanx) - (sinx) / (tanx)(sinx)

What I have so far:

= (sinx / cosx) sinx / (sinx / cosx) + sinx
= (sin^2x / cosx) / (sinx + (sinx) (cosx) / cosx)
= (sin^2x / cosx) / (cosx / sinx + sinxcosx)

  • Mathematics - Trigonometric Identities -

    your equation is not an identity the way you wrote it,

    try substituting any angle into the equation, it will not satisfy the equation.

    The way you wrote it,
    LS reduces to simply 2sinx

    use brackets to identify the exact order of operation.

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