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Is "A" the best answer for this question?

An in-depth explanation was given
to a group of non-mainstream parents about the NAEYC certificate displayed in the center. The explanation included the position statement on serving linguistically and culturally diverse groups. According to NAEYC principles,
which one of the following statements
is NOT one of the guidelines for effective early childhood education?

A) NAEYC will monitor the program's
selection of staff, its curriculum,
and the children to be enrolled.

B) NAEYC supports active involvement
of parents and families in the
early learning program.

C) NAEYC advocates hiring staff
who are professionally prepared
and skillful in areas of culture,
language,and diversity.

D) NAEYC acknowledges that children
can and will learn English,while
using and respecting the home

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    Yes. (A) is the best answer. The NAEYC is a voluntary organization that doesn't monitor its members.

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